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Around Fayetteville we refer to Mike Turner as AP, Ancient Photographer, not because he is particularly old but because he is older that most of the young climbing whippersnappers he photographs.  His photos speak for themselves:  technically proficient, beautifully composed, thoughtful, energetic…we think he is terrific. You’ll find a bunch of his shots in the shop and be sure to stop by
Studio B to see more of his current work.

Michael’s first introduction to photography was as a child. Raised by parents who obsessed over documenting the family travels, he grew up in a era of Kodachrome film, Brownie cameras, and home slide shows.

The next step was a B&W darkroom class in college while studying Oceanography. It was this point he discovered a new found love for capturing the world in front of him.

Moving back to NC Michael continued his studies under the tutelage of fine art photographer, Merry Moore Winette. Encouraged to start entering his work in exhibits he started winning awards, several first places. He also continued taking classes at GTCC learning more extensive darkroom techniques and moving into the world of studio photography.

At this point Michael introduced himself to commercial photography by gaining jobs working with some of the top professional photographers in the area. Shooting mostly product work he gained a hands on working knowledge of lighting and film camera techniques. At the same time he continued to develope his fine art skills.

His love for the outdoors and his love for photography led him to landscape and adventure photography. Literally hanging out with rock climbers he developed skills that would further his career to shooting editorial work for magazines and catalogues.

He has been published in international magazines, catalogues, and news media. His love for exploring the unknown has helped him discover many new ideas and continue to enhance his photographic skills. After 20 years of working with cameras Michael still prefers to capture the less obvious rather than the norm.

Mike Turner Photo Gallery

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