Lucky #7 New River Rendezvous Wrap-up

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The AftermathThe word is in and it looks like the 7th Rendezvous may have been the best yet.  The event was slower to fill up this year, perhaps due to the iffy forecast and the iffier economy, but by the time the gates opened, attendance was only down by 50 people, meaning the crowd totaled just shy of 1000.

Sure, it rained but it held off til the end of all three days, allowing for long, full climbing days.  The long line for Dessertapalooza tested everyone’s outerwear but the spread was worth it.  Three back to back, quick and snappy slide shows were enjoyed by the enthusiastic crowd.  Headliner Lisa Rands went last and was relieved that folks were still there and paying attention.  Chris Lindner and Janet Bergman opened the evening with well-received shows.  Dave Chancellor of So Ill Holds gave a terrific show on Thursday night.  Look for him to headline next year.

Almost 150 folks entered the various comps, many taking advantage of the shoe demos available from 5.10, La Sportiva, Scarpa and Evolv.   Full comp results on the New River Rendezvous page on this site.

Much to the amazement of organizers, Saturday evening activities ran on schedule.  The new Mountain Hardwear Tug ‘O War Pros vs. Joes made for great spectating, with the Mountain Hardwear Pros beating all comers.  The Metolius Sumo Wrestling contests were as hilarious and nutty as ever, with the women’s turning into a veritable marathon.

The much anticipated La Sportiva Fundraiser which involved de-vegetating Kenny Parker in order to re-vegetate the Bridge and Junkyard crags, took place just before the dyno comp.  Originally Parker had insisted he would only go as short as the #4 guard on the clippers, but the crowd was having none of it and he had to go all the way.  A total of $2500 extra was raised including Sportiva’s $1000 donation.

The dyno comp benefited from a collaborative effort between Project Holds, So Ill Holds and Evolv that led to a new format in which contestants each got two minutes to rack up as many points as possible.  Freaky strong Stephen Meinhold took top honors but it was women’s winner, Hannah ???, who stole the show with her crazy deadpoints. 

The highly energized crowd took it straight to the dance floor where Freekbass, a funk band out of Cincinnati blew it up, never taking so much as a minute off in their 3 hour set.  Organizers are saying that the dancers have not hit it so hard since Rendezvous #1. 

A Rendezvous first:  On Sunday morning at the Trango Pancake Breakfast, we actually had enough cakes to feed every last person in line.  7th time is the charm??

Unfortunately, as in years past, there was some theft.  This year, however, with the aid of JD Cantrell, a member of the Friksn team, the perpetrator was apprehended by the National Park Service and booked for misdemeanor theft.  He heisted gear from various sponsor booths.  What a lowlife.  Please unfriend him on Facebook and steer clear of this miscreant.

Organizers weren’t about to let one bad apple color the overall perception of the event.  They are calling it Super Chill Rendezvous #7.  Once again the crowd distinguished itself by its amazing attitude and capacity for good ol’ downhome fun.  We are already looking forward to Crazy 8!  See you there. 

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