Layer Up to Stay Warm: Innovations Lead to Less Bulk!

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Come on by the shop to get a look at the impressive and seemingly unending innovation of the outdoor industry!  It has never been easier to stay warm across the temperature spectrum. Products from Patagonia, The North Face, Ibex, Marmot and  provide lots of options for building a flexible, technical layering system that is lightweight and streamlined.

Base layer. Wool or synthetic? Whichever suits you…

Patagonia still has a huge share of the market with their synthetic Capilene series. We carry a healthy selection from silk weight to expedition weight. For colder weather we love the R1 Pullover and Hoody.  The grid fleece lightens weight and bulk without sacrificing warmth.  And as usual, Patagonia crushes the colors! Be sure to fit your baselayer close to your body for the best results.  

While there is no doubt Capilene gets the job done, we are big fans of wool base layer from Ibex, a small company from Vermont specializing in wool. Merino wool feels incredibly soft against the skin and has the requisite moisture wicking properties. Also, unlike synthetic base layer, it doesn’t retain odor.  We offer sets in solids and ever-popular stripes.

Mid layer is blowing up!

It used to be that your choice for your mid layer was fleece or…fleece. That has all changed. About five years ago Patagonia introduced the Down Sweater, a game changer, that promoted the idea that lighter weight down pieces could serve as a mid layer. They followed this with the Nano Puff series of light weight synthetic insulation pieces. Now the choices in this category are staggering.

The new buzz is about hybrid mid layers like the Marmot Variant Jacket  which has synthetic loft on the body and power stretch on the sleeves creating a more active piece.   The North Face presents the Red Rocks Jacket out of their Summit Series which also offers a similar combo.

Arcteryx does their typically spectacular job with the Atom LT a hooded fly-weight synthetic piece. What you will notice is that the process of layering up and down is a breeze with the slick face fabrics used on these garments!

Add your final layer–hard shell or soft?

Your final layer blocks wind and precipitation. The coolest thing we have seen in a while comes from The North Face. The Fuse Uno waterproof/breathable shell has won every award there is to win because of its innovative manufacturing technique. It is cut from one single piece of fabric that is then folded like origami into a jacket–fewer seams, less bulk, better performance! Come check it out. For women we are upping our outer layer game with the Marmot Minimalist Jacket, the Gore-tex Paclite jacket with the best combination of styling and price. Gorgeous!

We have lots of choices in each category. Come see for yourself! We are open every day.

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