Fishing & Hunting

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The opportunities for fishing and hunting are plentiful and varied.


The New River offers a variety of fish but those in the know will tell you that it is all about small-mouth bass. Lots of ‘em!  The reasons the New is a superlative fishery are many: flowing, oxygenated water; water quality that is perfect for fishing; a tremendous variety of conditions (fast and slow moving water, as well as shallow and deep pools and eddies); the insect and bait fish populations are varied and abundant; and there is plenty of woody debris that the fish like. 

If you are interested in catching walleye or muskie, you’ll want to head to the Gauley River or Summersville Lake.  Several near by rivers and creeks are stocked with trout throughout the year.  Check the Division of Natural Resources for the scoop on stocking schedules and licenses.    

Fishing/Hunting guides:

Bobby Bower 304-575-5252

Robert Seay 304-469-3272

Larry Nibert  304-640-2982 


To say that hunting is big around these parts and a major component of the local culture would be an understatement.  People take it seriously.  The turkey around here have been kicking Kenny’s ass for years.  Just ask him.  If you want to get the scoop, ask us–we are well connected in that department:  BJ knows everything.

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