Fear of the Unknown

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As climbers we are very apprehensive about trying gear we are unfamiliar with. We stick to the classic companies like Five Ten or Black Diamond time after time, disregarding lesser known companies. This is easy to understand seeing as our lives depend on our gear and money blown on gear that we’re not psyched on is less money for climbing trips. However, knowing the goods on up and coming companies can be a great way to save money and finding something new that you really like. Lets start with one of our most common purchases; climbing shoes. Scarpa has been around for years but has somehow failed to become the “in” shoe company despite making great shoes. One tidbit that helped me come around is that Scarpa shoes are designed by the same guy that designed some of the most popular shoes for La Sportiva. They also use the same rubber as La Sportiva (vibram xs grip) which is a great balance between stickiness and durability. Check out the Veloce ($99.00) or Vision ($129.99) for well perfroming all around shoes. If you want a super aggresive shoe that kicks butt on the steeps, check out the Feroce ($154.99).

                    ” Veloce”                                          “Vision”                                             “Feroce”

 http://www.campsaver.com/mmWINTERFIXCOM/Images/t/scarpa_veloce_w.jpg http://www.climbing.com/print/equipment/scarpa-feroce.jpg

 Another lesser known shoe company that makes great shoes is Acopa. They are extremely well built, have super sticky rubber, and are amazingly comfortable for how well they perform. Check out the Spectre ($119.00) for one of the best edging machines on the market(Rock and Ice best in gear).



If you’re in the market for a rope you should check out Monster Ropes.They are distributed by Metolious and they are slowly earning credit for making  well handling and durable ropes. They are also 35% off in our shop right now so get em while they last!

                                                     ” Monster Ropes 9.8m 60m Dynamic” (currently on sale for $115.00)


Another good company to look out for is Ferrino. They have been making high quality packs in Italy for decades and are finding their way into the USA outdoor industry. They make extremely light packs and sleeping bags that are also highly functional and bombproof. Their Boulder 48 is a great pack for folks who like to throw all their gear in their pack and still have a little extra room to pack a lunch. It’s also big enough for short overnight missions.

Alright, there you have it. Four companies that make awesome gear that you may not have known the scoop on. Now hopefully on your next trip to the shop you will be better informed and have more options available to you for your gear purchases. See you in the store and at the crag.

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