Recommended Links

The Meaga lo Mart of climbing websites. Massive amounts of beta, route descriptions, gear reviews straight from the community, ethics discussions, pictures, and 100 different threads about the difference between the three different 5.10 Anasazis. Oh right, and  s#!t talking.

Computer projects to get done? Emails to check? Life to have? Nah you’re just gonna check out climbing narc and sift through the endless videos and blog posts until you realize you are now single, jobless, and it’s 5 days later.

Adventures for the everyman and woman. Loads of witty and heartfelt blog posts from Brendan Leonard will get you ready for your alpine start to go get that coffee and burrito.

Climbing, adventure, gear and choss says it all. Great gear reviews and tips. There’s also a section called, “rants” so you know you’re not alone in wondering if you’re in the middle of a reptile zoo in a Las Vegas lobby every time you stroll to the crag.

Headed by local legend of folklore and guidebook author Mike Williams, this is the place to check out sweet videos of the sick gnar in the NRG! Lots of other stuff and things on other places or whatever too I guess. Is there even good rock anywhere else?

Fantastic podcast interviews from Chris Kalous. He interviews everyone you’ve ever wanted to interview, even local sit-down comedian Kenny Parker and the charming Jessa Gobel. Could I say interview one more time?

The Superstore USA of climbing websites. (Get the cartoon superstore references I’m throwin’ out there?? pure gold.) Everything related to climbing: routes, classic forum action, videos, and articles from our favorite campground curmudgeon Paul Nelson.

Mike’s personal blog where he can spray you down and soak you up without any editorial responsibility.

Local flooring expert Pat Goodman’s blog, all about the hard wood he’s been laying lately. I think there might also be some stuff about some stunning trips abroad to climb big wallz and…. bolderz? I hear he never made it past grade 3. There’s also a plethora of breath taking pictures of wonderful vistas he visits on his flooring trips around the globe.