Water Stone Health Care Plan

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Levi shows off some items that will help keep you healthy both on the rock and in your everyday life.

Thera Cane

Most self-massagers aren’t worth a plugged nickel.  This is not the case with the Theracane.  You will not believe how thoroughly you can work yourself over– like you just had an hour and a half of deep tissue massage.  We have sold hundreds of these over the years and you better believe we all have our own.   Click here to pick up your very own.

Nutriex Sport

Sharma ‘roids are what we call this supplement.  Chris won’t go without ’em.  Neither will Tiger Woods.  Really, this is not a joke!  They were developed by Tiger’s knee surgeon in Salt Lake City and formulated for high physical demands, including intense training, injury response and recovery from surgery. This supplement provides therapeutic levels of glucosamine and chondroitin, as well as 41 other nutrients.  Since we can’t afford to provide health insurance for our employees, we sell them this stuff at cost.  Poor man’s insurance!  www.nutriex.com

Kula Yoga Studio

We know, you are tired of hearing about how you really ought to work some yoga into your program.  Well…you really ought to.  You have no idea what it will do for your overall health and your climbing in particular.  You aren’t gonna be 23 forever and then you will need all the help you can get.  Kula is our local yoga studio, located above Marathon Bicycle Company, across the square from Water Stone.  They offer a full schedule of classes for every level.  The space is cozy and classes are affordable.  Find out what you are missing!  The schedule is posted on the website – www.wvkula.com

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