Trango Big Bro Designer Honored

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The Trango Big Bro is the gold standard in off-width protection.  When your biggest cam is too small and you are staring up at an endless wide crack you will be thanking your lucky stars that Craig Luebben was siezed by a bright idea when he was in engineering school at Colorado State.  He designed the six piece set and eventually licensed the design to Trango.  Luebben, a prolific author, guide and well-loved and well-respected member of the outdoor community, was killed in a mountaineering accident in August.  Malcolm Daly, owner of Trango, decided to honor Luebben’s memory by having the royalties from Big Bro sales directed to a college fund for Luebben’s daughter Guilia.  Daly also had climber/artist Jeremy Collins design a caricature of Guila to be engraved on all forthcoming Big Bros.  Read Daly’s blog post about auctioning off the first set of the engraved Big Bros–very heartwarming! Craig had spent a good bit of time here at the New, offering clinics and participating in the New River Rendezvous. His relaxed, comfortable, goofy way endeared him to this community and we send our sympathy to his wife Sylvia and his daughter.

More information about Craig and Big Bros on Trango’s blog: 

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