Teen Rock Camp Equipment

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Water Stone Outdoors has a lot of what you will need for the New River Mountain Guides Teen Rock Camp in our E-store.  Anything you may not find there, we have in our “real” store in Fayetteville, WV. When you arrive for camp, stop by the shop for anything you may need.

Below is a breakdown of the equipment list for the teen camps with some helpful tips on the gear:

Camping Gear

Sleeping Bags

You want to be warm right? Your sleeping bag is your cozy nest for camp so a good bag is worth the investment. Mountain Hardwear synthetic bags fit the bill. Typically the more expensive a sleeping bag is indicates either that it’s lighter, warmer or both. The bags listed below have similar temperature ratings but get progressively lighter as you go down the list.

Mountain Hardwear Switch

Mountain Hardwear Lamina

Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina


A good tent can mean the difference between a cold, wet sleepless night and a warm dry sleepathon! We only sell quality tents, so your choice in a tent from us is strictly based on what you want to do with it. A car camping tent can be bigger and heavier, while a backpacking tent is where you want the light, compact variety. Price goes up as weight and bulk go down typically because of the higher tech materials in them. Think about how you will use the tent and how many people will be using it to help guide your decision. Here are a selection of tents that will cover most people:

Mountain Hardwear Light Wedge 2

Mountain Hardwear Drifter 2

Mountain Hardwear Drifter3

North Face Rock 22

North Face Rock 33

Sleeping Pads

A sleeping pad is a must have piece of gear. It insulates you from the ground, keeping you warmer and makes sleep a lot more comfortable. You can get a basic, get the job done pad or a deluxe thick air mattress. Price goes up accordingly and only you know how comfortable you need to be to get a good night’s sleep so choose wisely!

Ridge Rest

Thermarest Trail

Thermarest Trail Pro


Your backpack is your closest buddy, literally! Climbing gear can start to weigh you down and a comfortable pack can make all the difference. Your best choice in a climbing pack is one between 2000 and 3000 cubic inch in volume and should have a padded hipbelt and suspension.

Water Bottles

Hydrate or Die right? Carrying plenty of water is important, especially in the summer. Having several good, clean, durable water bottles in your pack is a good way to stay hydrated and ready for action. Here are some good choices in our store:

Klean Kanteen



Hands free lighting, ie a headlamp is another indispensable piece of gear. You will use it a lot for many purposes! Typically price increases with brightness (usually more LED’s) and features. I good basic headlamp will get the job done. Here are some choices in our store that are proven products:

Black Diamond Wiz

Petzl Tikinna

Petzl Tikka

Petzl Zipka


 Ya gotta eat right? You definitely don’t want to go hungry so have your kit ready. A good cook set will include a plate, pot selection, and maybe even a pot lifter. In addition bring a spoon, fork, knife, and a cup. Here are a few cook kits that are good:

Rain Jackets

It does rain in West Virginia so be prepared! Here are a few good, lightweight, quality affordable jackets that are great choices:

 North Face W’s Venture Jacket

North Face M’s Venture Jacket

Mountain Hardwear W’s Epic Jacket

Mountain Hardwear M’s  Epic Jacket

Climbing Gear


A climbing harness is actually and even closer pal than your climbing pack. It should be comfortable because you will spend a lot of time in it, some of it hanging around up on a cliff. A comfortable harness helps you focus on the climbing and not be distracted. Here are some harnesses we believe in:

Black Diamond Momentum Harness

Black Diamond W’s Primrose

Petzl Sama Harness

Petzl W’s Selena Harness


Your head is your most valuable asset, in climbing and in life so take good care of it. A helmet is a great place to start. Here are some recommended choices:

Black Diamond Tracer

Black Diamond Half Dome

Petzl Meteor Helmet

Petzl Elios

Locking Carabiners

Your locker is your connection to the climbing system. You will be tying in directly when you are climbing, but when belaying and rappelling you will need a good locker. Here are some solid choices:

Metolius Element Locking Carabiner

Petzl Attache

Petzl Attache 3D

Black Diamond Mini Pearabiner 

Black Diamond Rocklock Screwgate

Belay Devices

Your belay device is something you want to be very familiar with so whichever device you pick, some practice is necessary. For most people a good basic device like a Black Diamond ATC is the best choice. Others like the Petzl Verso, Metolius BRD, or Black Diamond ATC XP offer some features that make belaying easier, especially if you are belaying heavier climbers than yourself.  With that said, all of the devices we sell are quality units and a lot of personal preference is involved.  If you see yourself becoming obsessed with climbing, like many often do, then more expensive devices like a GriGri are worth the investment. But remember to take your time and learn how to use any belay device properly.

Click here to check out our vast selection of quality belay devices in out E-store.

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