Water Stone Outdoors Consignment Section is a Big Hit!

The Consignment Zone has been a great addition to Fayetteville

In January of 2018 we finally launched the long discussed Water Stone Outdoors Consignment section in our store. We haven’t advertised it much as we wanted it to grow in a sustainable way that made sense in the shop. We learned from others who do it in their areas and over the course of the year have come up with a system that we feel is a “win-win-win” program. It provides a way for people to clean out their gear closet and make some money, the shop makes some $$$, and the person who scores the consignment item gets a great deal on something they can use.  So for the coming year we plan on growing it as we continue to see great gear and clothing come in on consignment at amazing deals. I encourage anyone who is in the area to check it out and see for yourself.  We also encourage everyone to look through your gear closet and see what you can turn into some $$$ by bringing it in to Water Stone and consigning it.