We Play Favorites: Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain Harnesses

As a long time retailer it is hard to not have favorite brands. We love working with all our brands or we wouldn’t sell their stuff, but there are companies that are near and dear to our hearts for a number of reasons. Misty Mountain Threadworks out of Banner Elk, North Carolina is one of those companies. Here are the five reasons:

Superlative Product. It has to start with absolutely bombproof, well-designed product. We have sold their harnesses and sewn products for  over two decades so we can attest to this. Burly, beefy, comfortable. The Misty Mountain Cadillac harness represents these qualities like no other on the market.

USA made and 90% USA sourced. Everything that Misty sells is made right in their manufacturing facility in the mountains of western North Carolina. Almost everything that they use to make their products also comes from the good ol USA. This makes for a healthier regional economy.

Neighbors and friends. The outdoor industry is primarily Western based which is fine, but it is always exciting to work with a company that is just down the road. Working with neighbors turns them into friends. The whole Misty Team is top shelf–great at their job, fun to hang out with and committed to the outdoor industry and the world of climbing.

Give back. Misty Mountain was a ten year New River Rendezvous Sponsor. Now they have signed on to back us up again by supporting the (Not)Work Week, New River Alliance of Climber’s service project. We appreciate that they pitch in to help out.

Think alike. We fundamentally agree with their statement that “we strongly believe the world would be a better place if everyone went climbing.” Can we get a hell yeah? Water Stone Outdoors and Misty Mountain are both fundamentally Appalachian at heart–and proud of it NRGfall2

So with all of that as a foundation for a partnership, we try to represent their products as best we can in our store in Fayetteville, WV near the New River Gorge.  Misty Mountain is one of the few companies whose products we sell that actually comes and clinics our staff!! What a concept right? Talk to shop employees, educate them about your products, and get them psyched to use AND sell it. We have a whole shop full of climbers who chose to live at the New for a reason, so that program works well.

We also try to represent Misty Mountain harnesses in our online store. We will be growing this offering in the future so check out the Misty Mountain product page in our online store:

Misty Mountain products at Water Stone Outdoors