12 Reasons to head to the New River Gorge even though it is WINTER

Yes, it is cold. So what? Get busy:

12. Explore Babcock State Park
It can be your private winter wonderland. Hike, bike, ski, whatever— there are beautiful overlooks, waterfalls, and peace and quiet in every direction.

11. Fat Tire Biking
As long as you dress properly, there is no reason to retire your biking psyche for the winter. But you will need fat tires. Andy down at New River Bikes and Adam at Marathon Bikes are our local enthusiasts. Pick their brains.

10. Mountain Stage
Pretty much every other Sunday, one measly hour of driving takes you to Charleston for the vaunted 30-year-old live performance radio show. Tickets are cheap, and the line-up diverse. Hell, we will offer a double your money back guarantee.

9. Try yoga
Kula Community Yoga is remarkable and it is right in downtown Fayetteville. Winter is the perfect time to try yoga out and see what it has to offer your mind and body.

8. Winter Bouldering
Don’t be scared! Round up your posse, get your hand warmers, find the sunny boulders and keep moving. The brand new bouldering guide will be going to press shortly. We have a sale on bouldering pads! Buy one and get a free chalk bag and tee shirt.

7. Go surfing!
The hardcore SUPers in the New River Gorge don’t let cold temps shut them down. That is what neoprene is for. The water levels on the New and the Gauley have made for prime surfing conditions.  We have a Boardworks MVP on sale for $200 off.  Your local sources for all things SUP: Melanie Seiler and Randy Fisher.

6. Go Ice Skating
It would be cool if there were an outdoor rink in the area, but there isn’t. Thank goodness for Memorial Ice Arena in South Charleston. It is killer—worth the drive if you are jonesing!

5. Hike out to Long Point
This activity is always at the top of the list for every season, and there is a reason for that: it never ever gets old.  Do yourself a favor.

4. Hike Mill Creek
Everyone forgets about this gorgeous, moderate hike that starts in Hawk’s Nest State Park. The railroad grade has a moderate incline and leads down to a particularly scenic stretch of the river. Don’t forget your camera.

3. Climb the lakebed
Head to Whippoorwill for plenty  of south-facing moderates. Or take the airport road and hike out to Long Point to visit the true Endless Wall.  It is all covered in Vol 2 of the New Guide Book.

2. Bushwhack!
Find new routes. With the leaves off the trees, you can actually see deep into the woods. Sniff out the next boulder problem or undiscovered chunk of rock. Be that person.

1. Come to Water Stone for the Winter Essentials Sale!
All hats, socks and gloves will be 25% off through January. Stock up!

What’s your reason for heading outdoors in the gorge this winter?