Locals Love Locally Grown West Virginia T-shirts

Mountaineers flaunt their local status

The West Virginia state motto is Montani Semper Liberi–Mountaineers are always free. It could just as well be Montani Semper Animosus–Mountaineers are always proud. Proud of our state for sure. We have proof.

We post all kinds of stuff on social media. We understand from the pros that that is what all smart, 21st century retailers do so we do it, day in and day out. Usually not much happens. Until we posted this picture:



We wouldn’t say all hell broke loose or anything but we sold eight tees that day. This never ever happens. We sold out of our first shipment in a week. We sold out of our second shipment in a week. What the heck is going on?

Locally Grown Clothing Company is a tee shirt business based in Des Moines, IA, and right now they are just trying to stay ahead of the huge demand for their tees. A few years ago, they started selling  tees at their local farmer’s markets. They chose the rooster as their mascot, reminding us all to wake up and pay attention to the products we buy and the food we eat.  They now sell tees for all 50 states. They define their mission as:

“Promoting the importance of buying local, eating local and sharing state pride. By creating awareness of where our food and clothing comes from and helping people connect with each other and their community, we hope to create a better place to call home.

We can certainly get behind that. This business has tapped into the growing emphasis in our culture on all things local and we think that is healthy for people and our planet.

LGmonicalocalWe have broadened our style selection of Locally Grown West Virginia T-shirts so check’em out and show your Mountaineer spirit!