Sherpa Adventure Gear at Water Stone Outdoors – Our Favorite New Brand

Here at Water Stone picking up a new brand is a big deal; we put a lot of thought into it. It begins with the product.  We are looking for top quality materials and construction, as well assherpa1 technological innovation, terrific style and fit, and durability. The outdoor industry is remarkable in that we have no shortage of options that tick every one of these requirements. Once we identify quality product we look at other attributes of the business: What are their environmental policies? Where are their products made? What is their commitment to their community? How do they give back? Are they pleasant and fun to do business with? With this criteria in mind we are proud to announce that we are now representing Sherpa Adventure Gear. Founded in 2003 by Tashi Sherpa whose uncle was on the Hillary Expedition’s first ascent of Everest. Tashi owned a clothing import business but felt “a powerful urge to share the Sherpa story with a wider audience.” One of his main goals with his business was to honor the Sherpa people “who do so much for so little.” We climbing westerners are long familiar with the story of the Sherpa people who have done the hardest sherpa4work getting people to the summits of the big Himalayan peaks. The company is based out of Washington but its heart and soul are firmly in Nepal where their factories are located. They employ over 1000 people and donate at least fifty cents from the sale of every garment to a fund for needy Nepalese children. Their brand ambassadors include top Sherpa mountaineers who are testing product in the ultimate proving ground of the Himalaya. We received our first Sherpa products this week and we are thrilled.  From technical climbing pants to hand knit hats, their stuff looks uniformly terrific.  They use the best fabrics and construct immaculate garments. Their colors are rich and the ethnic flavor appealing. The details are carefully considered and eye-catching: prayer flag zipper pulls are cool and the symbolism of the endless knot that appears on all garments resonates with us: everything is connected!  In short, we are knocked out and excited to expand our offering of their products in coming seasons. Combining killer product with a compassionate, environmentally sound and compelling brand story makes Sherpa a perfect fit here at Water Stone.  Come check it out. I will leave you with the words of Tashi Sherpa: “Sherpa Adventure Gear is conceived of a humble philosophy and spiritual lifestyle unique to the people of Nepal. This is not a pose by some global company trying to dress in fake humility. It sherpa2is an odyssey of the heart.” An odyssey of the heart.  We like that.