The Superclip is an Essential Piece of Gear

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In the world of rock climbing there are a lot of gadgets and gizmos. Some of them have become standard equipment and others have gone the way of the Dodo bird. Others aren’t necessarily standard equipment but have become somewhat essential because of the shear functionality and simplicity in their design. The Rock Climbing Tools Superclip is one of those items. We have used and sold this handy gadget for a long time and feel it is a best in class device. It’s light, simple, inexpensive and incredibly useful. It can be used to stick clip the first bolt of a climb. It can clip the rope into a quickdraw already on a climb. It can unclip the rope from a quickdraw as well. The Superclip can also remove a quickdraw from a bolt as well if you change your mind about attempting a route. So all of this adds up to us as a “must have” piece of climbing gear. You can get yours at:

Rock Climbing Tools SuperClip

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