Ode To A Puffy Coat

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A crisp autumn morning
Sun shines down brightly
Climbers spill down a Fayetteville street
All of last nights fun
Pressing in slightly

I look from the window
To the shiny gear around me
Why can’t I use you on a day like today?
Ah well, a home

I’ll help you find
And earn my stay for sends to be

The pitons jingle,
At their meeting with the door
Telling me of potential parents
For the anxious nuts and cams
That are hoping to leave the idleness of the store

My vision sweeps to the New comer
Puzzled by the sight
Of the swirl of flurries in mid flight
But the sun shown minutes ago?
This can’t be right

My eyes focus
As i say hello
And see it is a snowstorm of feathers 
Drifting memories of past excursions
Telling there stories as they flow

I stare admiringly
At the source of the plume
Spilling from behind proud badges of duct tape
And see a well loved puffy coat
On it’s last run from doom

I compliment the owner
And his face shines in the bright weather
As he thinks of his old companion
Of the thousand climbing trips
That they took together

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