New River Sock Monkeys vs Red River Red Rockets This Weekend!!!

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The New River Gorge Sock Monkeys will play the Red River Gorge Red Rockets in a basketball tournament this weekend August 26th to 28th at the New River Gorge in West Virginia. The event is sponsored by Water Stone Outdoors, Pies and Pints Pizzeria, Miguels Pizza, Black Diamond, Petzl, Dead Point Magazine, and Five Ten. The buzz has been building all summer for the big showdown of these basketball meccas, West Virginia and Kentucky. As you might recall WVU beat the Kentucky Wildcats to go to the Final Four a few years ago…..

BREAKING NEWS!!!….With Miguels Pizza from the Red River Gorge coming to town PIES and PINTS has stepped up to sponsor the New River Sock Monkeys and the festivities that will go along with the tournament. The New River climbing community truly appreciates that we have the best pizza on the planet…..but do acknowledge the incredible pizza Miguels makes. I guess we are not only the best two climbing areas in the country but we have the two best pizza joints IN THE WORLD!!!

So check out what’s been going on as the Sock Monkeys prepare for the big game……..

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