Stand Up Paddleboarding

What’s Up With SUP?!

Whether you want downriver runs, up river attainment, standing wave surfing, or flat water paddling, our backyard has it ALL . We are here to give you the best gear renting/buying beta, where to turn for instruction and get you out there on a SUP.

Stand Up Paddling has a pretty lengthy history. A few thousand years ago, folks were standing up on vessels and propelling themselves for a number of reasons (most of which we still use our SUPs for today). We can thank Hawaiian natives Duke Kahanomoku and Bobby AhChoy for pioneering Modern SUP in the 1940s. The original Beach Boys were not a band of musicians, but a band of stand up paddlers on Waikiki Beach. So, it is easy to conjure up the image of a beach break SUP surfer, but SUP isn’t just for the coastal dwellers. The lakes and rivers of Appalachia offer stellar paddling opportunities for all skill levels and only recently have gained recognition as SUP destinations. Here in the ‘Ville,  A big, beautiful lake and three major rivers offer us a lifetime’s worth of water adventure (with some equally as awesome rivers just in the peripheral): Summersville Lake,  The New River, The Gauley River and The Meadow River. What better way to explore them than on SUP?!