New River Alliance of Climbers


Look out NRG fans! Next year NRAC is doing it’s own film festival, but we need your help. Put that technology to use and make a cool climbing or NRG related video. We are fleshing out the format and rules but get the ideas flowing and be ready for next fall. Here’s a fun little teaser we did to poke fun at our friends in the whitewater world:


The New River Alliance of Climbers is a diverse group of concerned climbers who has taken on a stewardship role in the New River Gorge area. Advocating our goals to Land managers and owners, outreach to other interested and concerned climbers, improving climber access trails and doing fixed anchor maintenance on routes are examples of our mission. A lot of good work has been done over the years and we have more great upcoming projects. The New River Rendezvous has been the primary fund raiser for the organization and continues to be a success. Check out these websites for more information on upcoming events and projects.