New River Alliance of Climbers Update

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New River Alliance of Climbers has been working on many fronts to support and improve climbing here at the New River Gorge.  Plans for the re-vegetation of the Bridge and Junkyard crags are in the works, details of the Bubba City access situation are being worked out, the American Alpine Club campground is moving forward, the re-bolting efforts continue apace, and plans for Rendezvous #8 are coming together.  Oh, and finally, a real live NRAC website!

Re-bolting Project

NRAC has taken the Rendezvous proceeds and invested in new tools, equipment and hardware.  A core group of local climbers, led by Kenny Parker, has quietly been at it for years, grinding out the thankless task of removing rusty tired bolts and replacing them with shiny, new, trustworthy metal.  This is an arduous, time-consuming process. Now a new crew of motivated climbers with the requisite skills are jumping in to help out, ramping up the pace of the re-bolting effort.A sampling of newly re-equipped routes include: Sloth, Eyes of Mind, Beast in Me, Disturbance, Superstition, Ride the Lightning, Green Envy, Travesty, Chorus

 Line, Steve Martin’s Face, Sportster, Ad Lib, Chunky Monkey, Nag, The Warm Up, Auld Lang Syne, Chasing Rainbows, Genocide, Right Son of Thunder, Bubbas at Arapiles, Welcome to Huecool, Oyster Cracker, Proper Soul, Esse Crack, Dresden Corner, Preferred Dynamics, Tentative Decision.

Re-Vegetation Project

Remember at the last Rendezvous how we de-vegetated Kenny Parker in order to raise money to re-vegetate the Bridge and Junkyard crags?  That fundraiser netted over $2800 and we are pleased to report that Kenny’s hair, after an unfortunate phase where it all stuck straight up, is growing back nicely.  Members of NRAC met with the Park Service representatives to map out a detailed plan for each crag.  The project will include remediating erosion problems, improving and expanding fencing and, of course, planting a bunch of stuff.  The native species on the planting list include rhododendron, tulip poplar, black birch, greenbriar, black gum and more.  Stay tuned for the announcement of a Fall ’09 word date.  Of course a party will follow!

Rendezvous #8

Last year was Lucky 7.  This year is Crazy 8.  Sounds good to us.  We will continue to schedule the event the third weekend in May–May 14-16 First the big news:  Freekbass will be back!  We thought he tore it up and we certainly had never seen so many white guys shaking their booties…Also, look for Schoeller’s Dare to Wear your Lycra Contest, the return of Mountain Hardwear’s Tug ‘O War contest and a whole bunch more cool stuff.  We are happy to welcome our entire family of sponsors back to the fold.  We’d like to welcome all of you too.

Bubba City Access

There are now two official parking areas with potentially a third to come.  The folks at Wild Rock are being helpful and cooperative.  Props to Carl and Tom! An NRAC kiosk is on the works for the main parking area.

American Alpine Club Campground

The partnership between the National Park Service, NRAC and the American Alpine Club is turning out to be fruitful.  The proposed site has been walked by the design team and an initial plan has been created.  Much work remains but we are pleased to report that the bureaucratic wheels are grinding on.  We will let you know how the situation develops.


We know, we know, the NRAC website has been…well, not there.  It is coming!  We promise. will be live by mid-November.



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