Gauley Season Hit List

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Climbers, Paddlers, Stand up Paddleboarders and live sports action fans listen up! 

Did you watch this video?  Those are two of our employees, Spencer and Haynes, surfing stand up paddleboards at Perfect Wave on the Lower Gauley.  Looks like fun, eh?  Well, YOU can try it too.  The Gauley Surf Session is the first of the many exciting activities going on this season… 

Gauley Season is happening and it is bigger, badder and radder than ever.  For the uninitiated, this is the six week season when the Army Corp of Engineers releases all of the water out of Summersville Lake to prepare for winter snow melt. During this time the raft companies are able to offer a guaranteed flow. Which is all to say:  Climbers!  Get thee to the Gauley! It is unbelievably fun, exciting, adrenaline-producing and memorable.  If you don’t have the nerves for the Big Five Class V rapids on the Upper Section, get on the Lower and enjoy a milder trip with loads of rock to scope out.

Here is the upcoming calendar of events.  We guarantee ALL of these things are worth going to!

Wed, Sept. 18, Gauley Surf Session  Demo boards, instruction and free beer!

Thurs, Sept 19, SUP WV Race Demo boards, races, mini-clinics–at easy-to-get-to Fayette Station

Fri-Sun, Sept 20-22, Craggin Classic Clinics, slideshows, pig roast, live music, schwag!

Sat, Sept 21, Gauley Fest This three ring circus is the largest whitewater gathering in the country.  Paddlers know how to party…

Mon, Sept. 3, Animal Upper Gauley Race Spectating is a blast at this high stakes race down the Upper Gauley.

Wed, Oct 2, Video Boaters Challenge, Historic Fayette Theatre, Absolutely HILARIOUS every single year…

Sat, Oct 19, Bridge Day/Chili Cook off First watch folks jump off the bridge, then watch Kenny and Ethan win the Chili Cookoff again which will make Oscar from Diogi’s crazy!

MUSIC:  The Burrito Bar is located on the hill about Chestnut Creek Campground on Lansing Rd.  Affordable good food, the best sunset viewing anywhere, and now, the best music venue in town.  Check their weekend schedule out:  The other best bet for live music is Cantrells’s Ultimate Rafting on Gatewood Rd.

Lots of great new fall product here at WSO:  Black Diamond Clothing for starters… 

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