Eagles Nest Hammocks

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Who would have thought that Eagles Nest Hammocks would be one of 2010’s breakout products.  We have seen triple digit growth here for good reason.  These hammocks are terrific:  fun, well-priced and supremely functional. The fact that the Eagles Nest folks are just down the road in North Carolina just ices the cake.  Once you grab your hammock, trick it out with cool accessories including bug nets, rain tarps, possum pockets and slap straps.  We are talking upscale dirtbaggin’ here!

Now, about Stella.  Stella works for us.  Stella wants to get a free hammock which will happen if she sells a dozen.  Because Stella is go-getter, she has been doing everything in her power to sell hammocks including making this video.  Listen closely, she is soft-spoken.  She has hung hammocks all over the shop, everywhere hammocks;  it is kinda wearing us out so if you would just come in and buy one, she might move on and start pushing other products,  If you buy a hammock online, mention Stella and we will give her credit for it.

Buy yourself an Eagles Nest Hammock at Water Stone Outdoors today!


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