Coffee Lovers: We have you covered!

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As Kenny says in this video:  “One thing we pride ourselves on here at Water Stone Outdoors:  We are serious about our (legal) drugs.”  Coffee is indeed a serious subject here and we carry the product to prove our commitment. Whether you need a press to take on the road with you or a thermos to keep your (second) favorite beverage warm, we have choices for you.

There is no shortage of ingeniously designed products out there and we have rounded up the best.  Primus makes The Commuter Mug ($25.99), a sleek and sexy travel mug that is spill-proof,  shatter-proof and just plain bomb-proof.  “Best travel mug ever” says Vince, Mr. Coffee himself.  Of course we would also like you to flaunt your Water Stone affiliation with one of our travel mugs ($12.99).

If you are still making cowboy coffee (you know, heat the water and throw the grounds right on top), you need to get with the 21st century and get yourself a French press.  You can’t beat it for making a strong, non-muddy cup.  Our pick is by GSI Outdoors.  This portable lightweight press makes 30 ounces of coffee in a BPA free plastic carafe with an insulated sleeve and double walled lid for the ultra-reasonable price of $26.50.  Our all-time favorite thermos is the Duo Vacuum Bottle by Primus ($39.99) which solves the eternal question of who gets the cup by providing two!  Solo folks will appreciate the streamlined Timolino Vizio Vaccum Bottle (19.99).

We will leave you with our picks for the coffee itself.  Years ago Peter Croft came through town with two great pearls of wisdom to impart:  Don’t stint on your warm up routes and drink Peet’s coffee.  Duly noted.  However our allegiance rests firmly with our favorite local roaster:  Mattie’s Mountain Mud,

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