Climbing Christmas Gifts at Water Stone Outdoors

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Tech is cool but books are cooler!  Here are some bombproof suggestions for climbers, boaters, outdoors people or, for that matter, anyone who enjoys a good read.  All are available on our e-store.

Stone Mountains:  America’s Best Crags.  Jim Thornburg, one of the climbing world’s best known photographers, has put out a glossy 320 page look at 35 of America’s top climbing destinations.  The spectacular photos are coupled with a brisk introduction to each area by a knowledgeable uber-local; Ron Kauk on Tuolumne, Russ Clune on the Gunks and our own guidebook author Mike Williams on the New.  We are happy to report there are some killer shots of Rachel and Jason Babkirk, long time Gorge climbers.  A hell of a lot of book for $60.

Yosemite.  Photographer Glenn Denny offers a feast of black and white images from the 60’s, the golden era of Yosemite climbing.  Intro by valley stalwart Yvon Chouinard.  A killer gift for any climber with a sense of history.  $60

The Stonemasters:  California Rock Climbers in the Seventies.  John Long’s coffee table book covers the next seminal decade in rock climbing history.  Nothing John Long produces could be anything other than entertaining and this book is no exception, delivering humor, anecdotes, history and a vivid sense of the personalities and the era.  $60

Deep Survival:  Who Lives, Who dies, and Why.  The title says it all.  This unbelievably compelling book is the culmination of author Lawrence Gonzales’ life long fascination with survival.  He dissects the mind of a survivor, referencing both well known and obscure survival epics, delving deeply into the psychology and physiology of survivors and survival situations.  Perfect for anyone who has ever contemplated if they had what it takes.  This is a guarenteed winner, don’t miss it!   Paperback, $16

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen.  Christopher MacDougall takes us on a journey through science, anthropology, personal growth, running, and much more in this engaging and inspiring book.  The current minimalist running movement gained much from the insights offered in this well thought out book.  The hijinx of some of America’s top ultra runners provides comic relief.  Not just for runners, no sir!  Hardback $25, Paperback $19.

Whitewater Rafting on West Virginia’s New and Gauley Rivers:  Come in the Water’s Weird.   Fayetteville  climber/boater/author Jay Young has written a concise, funny, and thoughtful book about the history of the rafting business here in Southern West Virginia.  Terrific archival photos help convey the nutty, pioneering ethic of the early days. $20

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