Bridge Day Weekend Update

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Bridge Day Weekend Weather:  Spectacular!

Climbers pay attention!  We have another stellar weekend forecast for you:  Sunny and 60 on Saturday and Mostly Sunny and 70 on Sunday.  What else could you ask for?  Don’t let the Bridge Day thing scare you. Here is the drill:

The bridge will be closed to all traffic at 7 in the morning so, climbers, make sure you are on the side of your choosing.  we advise you to spend Friday night camping on the side of the river you want to climb on so you don’t even have to deal with the traffic.  BUT what we really recommend is that you do the Bridge Day thing on Saturday and climb on Sunday

Here is our recommended plan for checking out the jumpers and making the most of the day.  First, be sure to wear really good walking shoes–you will log some miles on the concrete before the day is done.  Start by heading out onto the bridge, wending your way past the funnel cake booths and all the rest of that cheesy stuff.  If you are hungry, keep an eye out for local caterer Joy Marr’s fajita booth–best food available.  Half way out the bridge you’ll see the jump platform.  Elbow your way up to the parapet and get a look at the craziness.  When the crowds begin to get on your nerves head down into the gorge via Fayette Station Rd.  It is a 3 mile walk down the north side and 4 miles down the south side.  Bring a bike!  Be sure to load up your pack with snacks, beverages, and your Crazy Creek chair and head for the landing zone.  No crowds down there!  So hunker down, watch them jump, fly and land yards away.  This is where you can best catch a contact buzz from this amped-beyond-belief group of base jumping maniacs.  

Wrap up your day in Fayetteville.  First check out Water Stone’s annual Bridge Day Sale. 

  • Outerwear 25% off
  • Paddling Gear and PFDs 25% off
  • Entire Mountain Khakis line 25% off
  • Yoga wear 25% off
  • All jeans 25 % off
  • Entire sale rack 50% off
  • Deals on select other styles

After your score a bargain check out the cool event Fayetteville’s Convention and Visitor Bureau is hosting:  the Third Annual Chili Cook-off.  We really need you guys to show up because Kenny and Ethan have entered and will need your vote.  This is serious business!  Water Stone aims to win.  Look for our team–they will be decked out in matching cowboy hats and fu-manchus…i know, very scary. 

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