Artastic Jamnation at the New River Rendezvous

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“People will be talking about this” stated climber/rapper Kris Hampton, better known as Odub, as he talks cryptically about his upcoming collaboration with climber/artist Jeremy Collins.  These two talented artists have combined their ferocious creative impulses to bring an entirely new form of entertainment to the 8th Annual  New River Rendezvous, held here at the Gorge, May 14-16.

Jeremy Collins working on a piece of artJeremy’s work is familiar to anyone who has flipped through a climbing mag in recent years.  His illustrations give ample testimony to his talent but his fingerprints extend farther into the outdoor industry.  He is also the creative director at Evolv, a frequent collaborator at prAna, where he creates installations for their stores and helps create their booth for the Outdoor Retailer show.  He is also a frequent contributor to the Patagonia website.  Be sure to go have a look at his new short film, Border Country, a moving tribute to Micah Dash and Jonny Copp.  To say he is prodigiously talented is an understatement. 

Kris Hampton urban climbingKris Hampton chose the rapper name Odub because he is an off-width specialist.  O. W.:  get it?  With five releases under his belt, his music is characterized by complex, multi-layered, arrangements and witty, fearless lyrics that touch on all the hot button issues in the climbing world.  Unafraid to speak truth to power, he relentlessly skewers hypocrites, poseurs, and other folks who have got it coming. Dean Potter anyone?   He is also able to tap into deeply emotional veins with his tributes to John Bachar and Todd skinner, recorded in conjunction with his musical doppelganger Misty Murphy.  

So, these two will take the stage Friday evening.  Beats will boom, paint will fly, art will happen.  In 17 minutes flat Jeremy will create several canvases that will be auctioned on the spot by climbing icon, Malcolm Daly, owner of Trango.  All proceeds will benefit New River Alliance of Climbers, who will make sure your money gets put to good use maintaining our climbing resources here at the gorge.

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